Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Korean Feminism

Korea is a society where a lot of Koreans are devoted Christians (as in Catholicism) and a true Catholic doesn't have premarital sex or if they do they choose to marry it's usually because of unwanted pregnancy. Interestingly enough Korean teens these days say that they already have sexual experience.

Divorced Korean women who wants to remarry are more likely to choose a bachelor rather then a divorcée.

Korean women usually only work until their marriage then they're supposed too stay at home to take care of the household; raise their children and care for their husband.They may return to work once the children start school, and Korean families usually only have two children. They prefer one of each, a daughter and a son. That kind of life sounds pretty boring to me and I'm not likely to accept such a life so easily at least.

South Korean women are apparently more picky when it comes to choosing a husband, they prefer their prospective husband to have a good job with a nice salary while North Korean defector women seems to marry someone disregarding their salary or work.

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