Saturday, 25 February 2012

Korean Family

For those of you who may not have followed this blog I thought I would present my Korean family, my first family...

Oppa, he's the one who's always up to something. He used to be farmer and was once employed by the state.
Omma, I always think's mad or angry but I guess it's how she talks.. She started working after the Collegestudent were born.

Older Unni, she the oldest and she's married with two children.
Brave Unni, she's the second one, she choose to live her family and to get a better life.
Working Unni, she's always working and very busy. She's the third one. Working Unni and Brave Unni helped take care of Older Unni's children.
Kind Unni,she's the fourth one, I know her the best. She has very kind eyes. She's married like Older Unni and Brave Unni. Kind Unni took care of Pretty Unni, Trendy Unni and the Collegestudent while Omma and Appa were working.
Pretty Unni, she's the fifth one she seems to be very busy and working a lot.
Trendy Unni, she's the sixth one she's a lot with Pretty Unni and she shares a flat with Working Unni and Pretty Unni.

The College Student, he's my namdongsaeng (meaning my younger brother) He studies somewhere else, none of my siblings lives with Umma and Appa anymore... That's my Korean family, my first family; who I love tremendously.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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