Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why Should I

Most people in there 20s something settle down - gets married and have a couple of kids.

It's what everyboy does
wrong it's what many people choose, I'm not saying that it's wrong but it's just not on my agenda any time soon.
More women these are happy too be singles and finds other ways of fullfilling there lives. To settle down and raise a family it's what most people may do but it's not something that should be taken lightly.

My dad once told me that it's allright to be single, and I guess I like the benefits of my single life far too much. I especially enjoy my freedom and the independence it entails.

Also, my dad said it's allright if I never have children or never marries somebody, it might be selfish but it's what I've choosen out of convenience more then anything and now I'm just to accustomed to want to sacrifice my independence because I enjoy it far too much to simply give it up.

 So yes, it may be selfish too want to move abroad but many people delibrately choose to do but at least  I'm not hurting anybody. But just because my main goal is to move abroad it doesn't have to exclude the possibility of me settling down and some day raising a family of my own. But it's not something I long for right now, I'm perfectly content with life as it is and I wouldn't like too change it. Of course I'm going to lie, life would significantly improve if I would be able to get on a plan back to Korea today - but such a big decision requires time and planning.

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