Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Being adopted from another country is complicated enough , but add the fact that you've managed to find and reunite with your first family might make people question you. It's true that I have family relation in Korea and a larger one at that, and it's also true that -I'd like to move there in the future like for real not just as a tourist or on holidays. No, I want the real thing.

And I'm certain that my family shares that feeling of wanting to get to know me, because we're family and share the same parents by blood. But I would never take advantage of their love and hospitality. Once I did that for like a month, but to ask them to take me in for a longer period  is not something I'd do because even though I'm their younger sibling they have no legal responsibility to care for me for one and I'm an adult and have been one for many years now. I don't expect them to support me economically, I have my own mum and dad who I know will help me in times of need.

But I love my mother, father older sisters and younger brother more than any words ever could say. But I guess this sort of relationship might not be so common, at least I've never heard of one... Maybe it's natural and not what the first adoptive parents imagined that life would become. Having two of everything is a blessing, but it doesn't seem to be that common among people in the real world. And it's complicated because you are family, but you might not speak the same lanuage or share the same costums and traditions and more importantly there are no legally binding ties that makes your first family responsible for you. But even so this relationship is just as important and real as my other ones.

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