Saturday, 21 April 2012

Where To Draw The Line

Sometimes I ask myself, where to draw the line... fighting for justice can be hard. Let's say you'd like to make society aware of discrimination of some kind. Is it then fare to only listen to one group? Can justice really be achieved if we're supposed to listen to all that feel stigmatized or discriminated ?

Take North Korea for example, with the new leader they have tried to launch a missile raket but failed to do so.

And the Norwegian mass murderer have said that he idealizes countries like South Korea and Japan for their homogenious population and their culture.

Personally, I still can't accept the view that adoptive parents have; that they say that it's better for orphans to be adopted than to according to them be raised in orphanages... Sometimes, I think it can be better, but not in all cases. Adoptees, young children never asked to be ripped up from their birth country, seperated from their  first families and relatives. And forced to learn a new language which in time might replace the naitve tongue...

The Swedish government wants muncipalities to recieve refugees, and they of course asked the muncipality where I live as well. Only thing is that, our muncipality can't organize housing for their own inhabitants in the first place. So this time they unfortunately refused...

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