Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Nightmare

Before you start reading this particular post I'd like to point out that it describes a dream I had one night. Which happened to be nightmare, so it didn't actually happen.

I did have a nightmore about my first family a while ago, it centered around my siblings and my beloved younger brother. It seemed as if my older sisters might have been jelaous if not sad that their brother were treated differently than they were... I remember I saw that at least one of my sisters were crying due to this... They were all sad, I couldn't see my brother or my first parents anywhere though...

And about that, I've only seen my sisters cry once and that were over one year ago...

I can't turn back time, to a time before my birth, if I did my life might be different but who could really say.. ? Then I wouldn't have my mum and dad and probably wouldn't even be the same person. Perhaps one or several of my natural siblings wouldn't have been born... Maybe that's more what you could call a real nightmare... But that will never happen because it's in the past, the cards has already been laid and what's in the past can't be undone. 

The new leader of the World Bank is another American, but also Korean. Jim Yong Kim is his name, and I don't think you could call that a nightmare... would you.

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