Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sour Grapes

If you thought my unemployment or luck of finding employment in Sweden would have made me realize that my dream of moving overseas suddenly seems unachivable. Then think again, it have not made me change me mind one bit, in fact it has only made me more determind then ever before. Secondly, it's not unachiveable - it's not like I dream of becoming an astronaut; traveling in space and time, or a race car driver not even a professional soccer player.

I do know my limits and those three professions sounds very interesting but I know they're not for me.
Right now I haven't been able to find employment so I guess you could say that i have no luck of the irish at the moment. Korea will always be there, my first family will always be there too and when I'm ready to move believe me; then I'm moving !

Sometimes you have to eat some sour grapes , because life can't be fun and easy all the time then we wouldn't learn anything. But I feel like I have a death sentence on me or something similar, something I always have to live with and which makes me forced to accept that I can't live the life I want. But I refuse to accept my faith, the decisions that are still left for me to decide on I will take power over.

 ©Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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