Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Korean Dishes

I know that Korean cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and I thought it could be fun and useful to get to know the Hangul names for some of the most popular dishes and also some of my personal favorites ^^

삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal). Grilled pork belly meat, very delicious. However, this dish is among the most expensive ones...

볼고기 (Bulgogi). Marinated barbeque beef either chicken or beef.Number 23 out of 50 of the World's most delicous dishes.

갈비 (Galbi) prounced kalbi. Similar to Bulgogi, except not grilled over fire. Ribs or meats, marinated in soy souce, garlic and sugar. Number 41 out of 50 most delicious dishes in the world.

잡지 (Kim chee/gim chi). Fermented vegetables with different seasonings.

갈비씸 (Kalbi) Local interpretation of Kalbi.

씸닭(Dak galbi). Made from diced chicken that is stir fried, with chili pepper paste, cabbage, sweet potatoe, scallions and rice cakes. Popular Chuseok dish. Does not contain ribs from chicken. Very inexpensive dish.

전복씸(Chinboksim) Snails marinated in soy souce and rice wine.

두부선 (Doboseon) Steamed tofu with ground beef and vegetables.

막창 (Maktang). Charcoal grilled pork.

비빔밥 (Bibimbap) Mixed rice, with stemmed vegetables and egg, coocked in the plate and topped with chili pepper.

라견 (Ramyeong) Korean instant noodles. Sold with seasoning and oil.

설성탕 (Seollngtang) Stew made of broth from ox and brisket. With cellophane noodles, seasoned at the table. Very delicious.

삼계탕(Samgjetang) Stew with Cornish gem hens stuffed with ginseng. Belived to cure illness and restore health. Very expensive dish. But delicious.

퍼잔 (Pajeon). Stuffed pancake with seafood, vegetables and meat. Very nice.

김밥 (Kimbap). Korean sushi dish, made from rice, rapped in seaweed paper, stuffed with cucumber, carrot , spinnich , fish or raddish.

Sorry for the complete lack of pictures in this post... What's your favorite Korean dish ? And of course there's plenty more dishes in Korean cuisine, and I far from know them all...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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