Monday, 30 April 2012

What Happens There

Japan has apparently decided to defend themselves against the alleged missile from North Korea. They have apparently not changed their min and they may even be preparing to step up the ainty. People and international community now wants China to make a standpoint, hoping they can pressure North Korea not too launch the missile...

And apparently there has been UFO sighting in South Korea some days ago... The North Korean leader very recently accused South Korea's president to be nothing but a rat because of remark about North Korea's leadership... So now it seems that North Korea wants blood!!! Havn't we heard that song before...

Katherine Heigl has done it again, adopted a second child that is. Could be Korean, could an infant, baby or a toddler.

I'm slowly beginning to complete my blog move and it's going to be back to wordpress for me. But I'll keep this blog up and running just as it is for the time being. I would prefer to have one or maybe only two blogs instead of several. So I have collected old entries from my other blog at the new blog and if I some day decide to return here I could easilly add old material to this one.

Starting from tomorrow I'll be blogging on wordpress (in a completely different blog and alias.) An here it is: jaesunsaysthis :).


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