Saturday, 14 April 2012

Does It Have To Be

한구사람도 웨덴 사람는 있어요.

 I didn't have a crappy childhood, not really. My mum and dad spoiled me rotten to be honest. I will not forsake them just because I have found my first parents. Yet my first parents have a big part of my life maybe bigger then they realize. But that's allright.

I have siblings that I visited and met, but now I'd like to take the next step. Moving to Korea in order to become a real part of the family. That doesn't mean I cast away my time in Sweden, by no means.

I don't want to neccessarily stop adoption from Korea, but I wouldn't  choose adoption myself.

I don't have to explain my decision or defend it not even apologize for it. If you have followed my blog , then you'll already know my standpoint. And please, if you choose to adopt then by all means do I respect your decision and I hope people could accept my personal opinion to ot do so. Not everyone wants to become parents not even by biology.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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  1. Never apologize for being who you are, which includes everything you feel. It may take time, but you will find a way to keep everyone you want in your life. That shows in your writing.

    1. Thanks Margie. I try my best to do so, but it's difficult though because my siblings have each other - always. It probably doesn't make sense but I can't help but to feel lonely at times yet always loved... We seem to live our lives in different speeds, me on mute and they on fastforward or something. It kind of feels like we always barely miss each other.