Sunday, 15 April 2012

Birth Culture

My birth culture is very important to me because my Korean family lives there. They also speak another language and have completely different values, morals and social codes. But still Korea will never fade inside my heart. It doesn't matter if I live in Sweden, reside in Korea, are on holiday in America or on a short stop to Europe. Korea will always always, have a place in my heart and be a port of me. One way or the other.

©Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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  1. I found your blog while googled for something in Korea. I can understand and it's very interesting reading about your story. I am Thai living in Switzerland just about 1.5 years ..I had to live here since I followed my husband, but deeply I really wish I could go back to Asia, it's so different here and somehow a bit lonely..(at lease to me). I wish you could accomplish your goal moving to Korea. I think we have things in common even I am from Thailand, even I love you speak Korean ? I learnt how to read and wish I could understand all :) love it..

    1. Hi Leelawadee, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time too comment. Your feelings seems similar, one of my birth siblings are also living in Europe... I think it can be a bit challenging; different morals, cultures and values and all that... Thank you for your nice words, I wish soo tool. I speak a little Korean by know but not as much as I would like...