Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yearly Greetings In Korean

새해 복많이 받세요! Happy New Year !!!
생일축하밥니다! Happy Valentine's Day
발렌타인축하해요! Happy Birthday !!!
생일 하이트데이! Happy White Day !!!
머리크리스마스! Merry Christmas !!!

The more I stay in Sweden it seems I might only experience creepy and weird things, things that makes me like to live her less then I already do. Of course my life has been good, I'm not complaining at all but now it seems like my lovestory with Sweden is about to reach its end. Or either I have to change in order to don't get this weird and unwanted experiences... I'm really not sure not anymore. I wish I could live Sweden soon, even today but I can't not right now. I know it will not be easy to leave Korea for Sweden ... but it's what I want and I will let nobody stop me from realizing my dream. I am still young, I'd like to experience life before I might settle down and possibly start a family. I won't settle for less I'd hate myself to death if I allowed someone to trick me into something just for their own good not because of love but because of what they wanted from me.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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