Monday, 13 February 2012

Written Letters

I don't know what's common to do when you're suddenly in active reunion.. Do you send pictures, letters or gifts to your relatives, parents or siblings... And what about visits then... I mean once you've found them there must be some change in how you do things... Mustn't it...

Of course it's not easy especially not if you're forced to rely on a second language and translator or social worker... For three years or so now I have sent birthday cards and occassional gifts to my siblings and parents, I don't mind doing it because it makes me happy because I know it makes my family happy to get that proof of recognition, because it's what it is.

This of course means that I must keep track on all the dates and ages of my Korean family members and it's many birthday cards to send. But don't get me wrong I love sending them, but it's a little annoying that I usually don't get to know if the gifts or letters I've sent ever reaches it's destination... It's not costumary to that in Korea, you don't even open gifts in front of somebody or even mention them.

Also once in a while my siblings ask me if I have a boyfriend or if I'm still single.. Well I'm still single and happy, living my life. It couldn't be better to tell you the truth. I guess my Korean parents might have asked me to get married if it weren't for the fact that I dont' even have a boyfriend and three of my older sisters are still unmarried if not single. If they all were married they may have sounded differently... I don't want to settle for the first guy that comes along unless I really care about that person... Maybe that's why I don't date, you can still be young and having fun living your life without feeling the pressure from society, friends and family...

Luckily for me my family as well as my Korean family all seem to really want the best for me, I know they would be the first ones to congratulate me once or if I ever marry... Should I ever marry the guy needs to treat me nicely and be kind to me or else... I think maybe they have realized things I still struggle with, the thing about being adopted and wanting to reconnnect with your birthculture only to realize that you don't share the same mentality. So maybe I'm naive.

©Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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