Saturday, 18 February 2012

Meaning Of Life

The first reunion which took place in 2010 was everything that I ever imagined, think of what you've seen on TV... It was almost exactly like that, the anticipation, anexity and nervousness was something I never felt before, I don't think I ever will experience such a feeling ever again. That time I went with my mama and papa but as usually happens when I'm around my parents I ended up taking the backseat allowing or forcing my mum and dad to take control of things. It also felt like I would betray them by siding with my parents and my older siblings.  I wanted to eat the cake while having it too, if you get my drift.

That's why it was not only easy but neccessary to return to Korea on my own, because I'm convinced that if I hadn't or choosen to go with someone else the experience would look very different... And maybe I still would have felt empty, sad and lost without a purpose or goal. Now I'm not only happy but also know what I want in life. I will not apologize for my dream, I will not give up, compromise or replace my dream not until I've tried it... If don't decide to try it out I might never know and I would most likely regret that I didn't make a decision to try living there. Maybe it will turn out not to be my dream or goal in life, but that's allright because then I would at least know and I wouldn't have to wonder about what could have been...

Don't tell my it's impossible, unreachable, can't be done because who are you tell me how to live my life !? 

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle


  1. "Don't tell my it's impossible, unreachable, can't be done because who are you tell me how to live my life !?"

    Wise advice - and it's so good to read this and see you go for it!!

  2. Margie, I havn't seen you around lately. I heard you're back in the blogosphere though.

    Yeah, I guess it is a good advice people should just stop being so concerned with everybody else or maybe it's just them who might be jealous for some reason. If there's a will there's a way and it didn't take me long to get there but ride was a bit bumpy though...

    Thanks for encouragement !