Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I know it's Valentine's Day, but since I dont' celebrate it I thought it would be fitting with a clip about infertility from Adoptedthemovie. Because generally speaking people fall in love , get married and have children...

The most common reason behind intercountry adoption is a selfish need, of course being infertile can't be fun. But most people that I know choose adoption because they had a need to become parents no matter what, they didn't think let's help a child in need and do a good deed...

I can't say for sure if all adoptive parents automatically becomes good and capable parents. I don't think so. And what if the adoptive parents later manages to become biological parents will they make a difference in their adopted child/children and the biological ones ? What about the love will they love their biological child more then the one that was adopted ?

I would personally prefer staying childless if that is my faith then to adopt a child myself, because the child in question is never asked what it would want... I know just how much adoption can influence and what impact it can have on your life. 

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