Friday, 10 February 2012


I really want to move back to Korea, the country of my birth in order to give my first family a real chance to get to know me and to form a lasting and deeper bond. But that might not be without complications since Korea is a country with group identity while I was raised in Sweden under individual principles.

Maybe they'll ask me to change my way of dressing, what to eat and et.c maybe even about who I should marry. But to be honest marriage isn't on the agenda just yet not even in my head. And I seriously don't think they'd dare to ask me to just marry someone just for the sake of marriage. Then again they are Korean afterall and if and when I've decided on my next move they'll probably like me to become more like them in order to fit in more than anything... But nowadays some Koreans do marry someone outside Korea, some Korean men are forced to marry Asian women (not Koreans). While some Korean women decide to find themselves a Western man... So Korea is changing too...

How far would you be willing to go in order to make your birth family proud ? How far should adoptees go in order to get accepted by their first families ? What's to far and where should you draw the line? Are Korean adoptees supposed to study Korean (if they want to get to know their birth family) and do they have to erase their childhood and memories once reunited ? Are you supposed to just forget what's been ?

Would you settle for someone who says that like you when you know that they don't and that you deserve better?

  1. I want to live in South Korea 
  2. I wish I could speak Korean fluently
  3. I hope to move to South Korea in a few years time
  4. I will not go on a date just because someone wants to date me
  5. I don't need a man to take care of myself 
  6. I don't want a man just because you're supposed to be like everybody else
  7. I am trying to get a degree from my University studies
  8. I am trying to find fulltime employment
  9. If I'd like to settle down I know for a fact I'd rather be childless then to adopt myself
  10. I'm not sure if I ever would like to get married
Maybe I'll think differently about some things in a few years time, but I know that some opinions will not change...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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