Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mijn Oudere Zus

It's a bit funny or maybe not funny, strange more than anything yet understandable.... that I seem to have a deeper relationship with my remaining onnis in Korean than what I have with  the sister that I literarily could visit the next day since she lives in Europe with her European husband and children. I have nieces that are half Koreans.

As far as I know nobody from my Korean family has never been unfair to my European brother-in-law and my siblings and parents love all the children in our big family. My family are poor (by Western standards) and the hierarchy placed our sister's European brother-in-law high up on the scale. I can't imagine what a big responsibility that must be, but to willingly agree to take on such a responsability there has to something more than just responsability. I guess that's wahat's called love.

Life is never easy, and I assume more than know that being an interracial couple coming from different cultures that have different customs and traditions most be challenging. And then there's the language barrier but love is like the ultimate prize right ? I wish I also would be able to find that kind of love, but love can come in many different shapes but I guess it would help I were more romantic but I'm not.

내가 어머니가 사강.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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