Sunday, 22 January 2012

Burn After Reading

As the Korean conflict still seems likely to continue on in the year of the dragon 2012 the (South) Korean army is letting their soldiers train combat training in extreme weather conditions. 20 minus Celcius degrees as well as snow and swimming in freezing water. This is just prepare a special task force of what is likely to happen if the war/conflict intensifies...

Meanwhile North Koreans that didn't obey orders when the deceased leader was buried has been punished with 6 months stay in a worker camp. But there's nothing that says this actually is true... could be , and it just as well might not be.

Oh, yeah and with new leader North Korea is getting online, the regime are now apparently active on Facebook and twitter and has even created an online newspaper... Hm.

And yes, maybe not so interesting but still, the honeymoon couple stuck on the Italian ferry while on a cruise was a South Korean newlywed couple. They said they'd like a new honeymoon but not another cruise.

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