Saturday, 28 January 2012

Time For Rice

I have reconciled with my past, I truely have many questions will never be answered but it's 괜핞아.
어머니 괜핞아.

 It's allright, it really is my soul is at peace now, because I don't need to find the answers when I got something else, something far more greater than I ever could have hoped for. I was able to find my other family, my first family and I was welcomed back into the family. I am proud and happy to know that I got them my very large first family, it fills me with excitement and joy whenever I come up with ways to show them that I care.

But the love, determination, dedication and devotion can never and will never be replaced, missplaced or forgotten. My first family is that important to me and my newest family understands that. They are not at all threatened by that because they know nothing replace them and suddenly take their places. With friends it's another thing, I'll never let my friends become more important than my first family and maybe that's threatening to them...

I know you need to compromise when it comes to love and relationships but I don't think you should compromise with your own feelings if you know it wouldn't work. I like my independence too much at this point, I'm happy to be just the younger sister that's more than I ever could have hoped for. Maybe I'm unable to love someone in that sense to give yourself to someone so completely. Then I'm remined that well, I'm still young not even 30 I'll be 여섯 스무 살  meaning 26 years old so there is still time left to worry about that.

Besides it doesn't feel right to start something new when I have my heart set on moving to Korea permanentely. That's how much I care for my first family and I will nothing get between them and me just as I will not anybody or anything to change or spoil my moving plans.

In the meantime I will have some rice, until it's my time for rice... Or I could watch the 너를 않을거야 26 Year's Diary which is true story about Lee Su Hyon's love for a Japanese woman and his life until his tragic and too soon death on January 26th 2001... Su Hyon actually died when he tried to rescue a man who had fallen onto the railway tracks of the Train East Japan Railway Shin at Okubo Station on the on the Yamanote Line. In the drama  Lee Tae - Sung and Makii portrays the Korean  Japanese young couple.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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