Thursday, 11 September 2014

Embrace Life

Life's not a coincidence, embrace your life. Really embrace it, since you are here on earth. You were meant to be. Meant to be alive. Remember that life's no accident everything happens for a reason. You are a winner , winner of life. Celebrate it, cheerish it enjoy your life.

 Happiness starts from within if you're not happy with yourself you will never be happy with someone else. You can't love anyone else if you don't learn to love, respect, honor and accept yourself. It may not be easy and easier said then done... But if there's life there's always hope.

Initally this post was written in the light of the Sewol tragedy in Korea, yet almost two months ago another disaster struck the international community the crash of MH17 months after Malyasia's MH370 disappeared... I will not mention the politics behind the MH17 crash. This is not the proper place to do so and it also feels to soon to do so....

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