Wednesday, 29 October 2014

선생님 My Brother

Have I told you about my brother... I can't recall that I have. My brother 남동생 or 오빠, hierarcial and there are two different terms for brother, which depends on the gender females calls older brother one thing and another if they're younger brothers. Same goes for brothers- older brothers have one name and younger brothers another. The same word used by a younger sister for her older brother has also been used as term of enderment between couples- the girlfriend calls her boyfriend this. Sometimes a woman may use this for her older male friends as well.

Exactly what I call my brother, that is up for you to determine or guess. I can tell you that my brother has been studying to become a teacher 선생님 and the subject he'll be teaching is history 역사. At first he had his heart set on becoming a doctor, for some reason his grades weren't high enough so instead he decided to pursue a teaching carrier. Next after a carrier in medicine the teaching profession in Korea still carries a lot of status. 

Which isn't the same in Sweden or Europe where I'm from. Fact is that a teacher in Sweden is among the lowest valued profession one could choose. Teachers and doctors are expected to a future of low incomes, long hours of work regular or constant overtime. Despite the fact that both of them are needed professions for society to function the salary doesn't reflect this.

I also believe that my birth parents wanted my brother to pursue a carrier in medicine because it has high status and a very nice salary. A doctor has the highest status overall. But if all Korean students entered into medicine society would not function since other professions would size to exist.

I am proud of my brother for wanting to become a teacher, I want him to be happy. I love my brother, just as I do love my sisters and my father and mother.

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