Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lost Lives

The sudden ferry accident outside Jindo where 80 % of the passengers were High School students from Anam , Hanwon High School is indeed a tragic loss. I do believe it could have been prevented.. I honestly do.

Korea is a very competitive society were the collective good comes before individual needs. This means the Korean mentality basically says that showing emotion in public is not socially accepteed.
"Only small children cries" instead of talking openbly about their feelings, emotions and reactions to things they don't mention it at all.

With more over 200 missing or dead teenagers there is a fear that the suicide rate will increase, because it is a parents worst nightmare to survive while they loss their children instead.

The 22year old female part time worker who refused to leave and save herself, who tried to rescue as many as she could, the engaged 20s couple who tried to look for more or the middleaged teacher who wanted to try to rescue and save his students.There were many brave teenagers onboard the Sewol ferry, the Choi boy who made the 911call, the part time worker, the engaged couple, or the boy who gave away his lifejacket to a friend and the teenage couple who died tied together... And the brave civilians that stepped in and helped to rescue some, some who even lost their own lives...

Will this nightmare mean that Korea has to change their view on healthcare ? Nobody did approch the assigned Health Care workers at the Jindo gymnasium. Many parents have mentioned not wanting to live...

If it would have been a ferry with 80% adult passengers instead of High School students would the captain have acted differently would the expected death toll not have been as high.. !? Who knows.
I can't imagine how this feels, but I feel the collective grief. Experts talk about a collective depression yet depression isn't a common word in the Korean vocabulary. Depression 불경기 (bulyeongki) while suicide is 자살 jasal (chasal) and the incident has already claimed it's first victim by suicide, the vice principal of the Anwon High School in Anam.

(I will not write about the president or crew members of the Sewol ferry -this is not the time. I will find another place to write about the crew and suspected wrongdoing and criminal act..)

Try to not feel guilty for having survived, celebrate it even if it's hard.

To those who survived
죄책감을하지 말아주세요...
Il Divo, 
꽃, 꽃이 필까 예 예 그들은 그들은 것입니다 윌 
당신이 여기 아직 태어나의 경우가 있습니다. 
그들은 꽃을하겠다는 그들은 것 및 그 때까지 다시 개화 
거기에는없는 슬픔은 없습니다 및 이유 애도 남아

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