Wednesday, 19 June 2013

당신을 사랑합니다

100 Reasons why I love my Omma...
She is relly really strong, having given birth 8 times (that I know off)... and endured a lot in her life besides my birth/stillbirth which really was relinguishment for international adoption...

 내가 엄마를 사랑하는 이

  1. because I'm your daughter.
  2. because you gave birth to me.
  3. because you spent many years grieving for me.
  4. you never forgot the day you gave birth to me.
  5. you treasured me in your heart.
  6. once you knew I was alive and well you wanted to se me.
  7. the way you never let me go.
  8. the way you held my hand.
  9. the fact that you requested to sleep next to me...
  10. the way you cried and apologized to me (in Korean).
  11. you accepted a gift I made when I was 8 years old.
  12. you clearly wear the pants in the family.
  13. you are the person that I strive to be one day.
  14. you want me to do well in life.
  15. you feed me food like a child as a token of love.
  16. I loved eating the food you cooked.
  17. I know I'm you daughter since I inherited your appearence and body phrame.
  18.  hearing your voice and listen to you talk. 
  19.  liked the way you showed concern and showed me that you cared about me.
  20. the way you raised my siblings and created your own family.
  21. the unconditional love you have for me 
  22. your big , warm and caring heart
  23. your nurturing side
  24. the love you show your grandchildren
  25. your open mind, they way you offer friendship and respect
  26. you never complain.
  27. you take care of your family.
  28. your strict and harsher side.
  29. your family always comes first for you.
  30. I know that you must love your husband.
  31. your family listens to your words and advice.
  32. you are the matriarch in your family.
  33. how you feel the need to protect and console in hard times.
  34. the love I see in your eyes.
  35. the love I heard in your voice and what actions show.
  36. how you brag about your children including me.
  37. you want me and my siblings to be happy.
  38. you spoil your grandchildren like a grandmother should.
  39. you never reminiscence about the past.
  40. you live for your children.
  41. I know you missed me after having me.
  42. you want to come to visit me.
  43. you don't like my cat.
  44. you were concerned about my scars.
  45. you wanted to take me the hospital once.
  46. you worried for me maybe you still do.
  47. I want to get your blessing before I settle down.
  48. I want to introduce my future mate to you.
  49. you have experienced and overcome poverty many times.
  50. I want to grow up to be like you and have your strenght. 
  51. The culture of which I am product fascinates me.
  52. I can't understand you, all I am left with is love.
  53. I love the athmosphere there, all the spices and its scents.
  54. The hurried pace in the city area.
  55. I pefer the Korean courtesy over the ignorant European I-don't-care approach.
  56. I love Korean cooking and especially Omma's cooking.
  57. I love Hangul and the Korean language.
  58. I love contrasts between the city area, suburbs and the country.
  59. I love Korean dramas.
  60. I always remember a sporting event when Korea is included, it means I can be patriotic and feels like I am close to you.
  61. I am proud to be your daughter and sister even if you're more ashamed of me.
  62. I love the Korean fashion sense, it makes me feel closer to you.
  63. I always read news from Korea, because it makes me remember you.
  64. I love...
  65. It...
  66. I love...
  67. That...
  68. One day...
  69. Let's ....
  70. I promse to...
  71. Never ever
  72. Always
  73. Don't 
  74. Forgive
  75. Forget
  76. Some day
  77. Sooner
  78. Once
  79. I wish to
  80. I'd rather
  81. I
  82. I
  83. I
  84. I
  85. I
  86. I
  87. I
  88. I
  89. Maybe
  90. Perhaps
  91. Possibly 
  92. It
  93. Whenever
  94. K-pop
  95. soccer
  96. The UN
  97. The president 
  98. Korean feminism
  99. wish I could get married in Korea one day or at least invite you.
  100. I want to honor my Korean hertiage and give my future children a Korean name.

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