Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Como tu Mujer

As a woman in the 21st century I should not have to forsake my dreams or anything that makes me me. I should be allowed to strive, flourish and blossom.

 Just as I should be able to search for requited love to replace my eternal unrequited love.

As a woman I should be able to love anyone I want, of course I still have my moral principles thank you very much.  I may be a woman but a proud and indepent one at that I know I don't need a man or boyfriend to make my life complete.

But it would be nice for me to love another man, to mend my broken heart and to love another man as the woman that I am. My life might never feel complete but I think it should be nothing wrong with wanting to have someone to share your life with. There can be nothing wrong with wanting to establish a shared future with someone else.

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